The Art of Food Conversation (TAOC)

Publication Date: 1 Mar. 2009

ISBN 9780980843514

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    TAOC® is an Australian, best-selling and award winning series that has been professionally researched and developed to revive The Art Of Conversation®. TAOC® is fun for everyone and is also a highly effective therapeutic, educational and corporate resource for families, therapists, counsellors, teachers, speech pathologists, language teachers, coaches, church leaders and more. Following the success of their original title, The Art of Conversation, creators have adapted the recipe to dish up new angles and avenues to think, and talk, about food, cooking, eating and dining. TAOC® serves up 300 culinary entrees on topics like food destinations, cooking classes, slow food, fusion, indulgent food, leftovers and bizarre food ideas. It includes a comprehensive guidebook to culinary communication, complete with fascinating endnotes.

    It’s all about sharing conversations on food, ingredients (from abalone to zucchini), herbs, spices, wild foods, sustainability, ethical eating, favourite dishes from the classics to the cutting edge … in fact a smorgasbord for those who enjoy sharing recipes, hints and tips, remembering special meals, or planning new ones! Track food and menu changes, the rise and fall of overused ingredients (truffle oil, anyone?) and celebrity chefs, kitchen equipment from then to now, evocative fragrances and flavours that bring back times long past. Like all TAOC® editions, it’s not a quiz – it’s not about who knows the most. Rather, it’s a communication tool that draws on your own experiences, thoughts and reactions to facilitate fascinating discussions. TAOC® helps put some of our more conflicted attitudes into perspective, and focus on what really matters about what goes onto our plates and into our mouths. It is also a great way to unlock curiosity and learn about food - what it is, where it comes from, how it’s prepared and whether its effects are beneficial or otherwise.